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1Direction, Sony/Morgan Spurlock

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts, Annie Howell

Koch, Neil Barsky


An expert on Avid, Premiere, and Photoshop with a solid working knowledge of After Effects.

Very good at compression, and tech troubleshooting.  She excels recording audio and video and

can run any camera.  



AUBIN PICTURES, Catherine Gund                                                                                        

Freelance Videographer, Editor, Premiere CC

                Edit DVD extras, trailers and fundraising promo videos

                Operated DSLR and double audio recorders for April interviews in Cleveland


GOOD HOUSEKEEPING TV, Hearst Digital                                                                                           

Freelance Editor, Premiere, Photoshop

                Edit 1 hour crafting videos, collaborating with producers on content and changes

                Edit teaser bump ins and outs, graphic creation in Photoshop

                Color correction, audio treatments and independent project management


CBS SPORTS NETWORK, College Sports                                                                                           

Freelance Editor, Premiere, Photoshop, Dalet

                Work with sports producers cutting live game footage for studio playback

                Story of game highlights, bump ins, and human interest shorts


THE BLACK PANTHERS: VANGUARD OF THE REVOLUTION, Firelight Films, Stanley Nelson              

Associate Editor, AVID, After Effects, Photoshop – Sundance Premiere                          

                Cut together scenes of the film, took the project from interview bites to the online process

                Organized 200+ hours of archival clips and photos, on shared system media system.

                Mocked up 25 graphic treatments, created photo moves in After Effects.


AIRFOIL, PR agency, Detroit MI                                                                                    

Editor, Video Coordinator, Premiere

                Produced, filmed, and edited video projects for clients in collaboration with account teams

                CEO interviews, pitches and press pieces, stylized B2B shorts for tech companies


ASSISTANT EDITOR, Various Documentaries                                                          

Freelance Avid and Premiere

                POISONER’S HANDBOOK, American Experience PBS/Apograph Productions                                      

                Loki Films (the directors of Detropia), Warrior Poets (Morgan Spurlock), Engel Entertainment (Reality), 





Masters in Fine Arts - Film Production (Betty Thomas Award)

Ohio University, School of Film — Athens, Ohio


Bachelor of Arts – English

Michigan State University, College of Arts and Letters — East Lansing, Michigan