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Scripted Work

I've worked as an Assistant Editor on top-tier scripted episodic shows since 2020, receiving two Additional Editor bump up credits.

In 2021, I collaborated directly with Director Peter Ramsey (Into the Spiderverse)on a part animated, part live action limited Netflix series, Lost Ollie. I handled rough passes of animation for 7+ scenes. This included laying in VO, picking the plate, and arranging the temp animated characters. I received an Additional Editor credit for this contribution. Below are links to those final scenes.


In 2022, I received credits on the Netflix episodic shows; Keep Breathing and Brothers Sun.  For Keep Breathing, I worked closely with editor Tammis Chandler, focusing on EP and studio note sessions. I facilitated note-taking during remote sessions, interpreting feedback, and tracking changes to completion. I then served as AE for Tammis on a scripted feature for Passionflix, where I edited scenes and received an Additional Editor credit. We used the AI Constellation machine for our dailies house proxies and metadata. Below are links to a Passionflix scene.

I excel at placing temp music, sound design, and the feedback-notes process. I am an expert at Avid and Premiere, and can execute many types of temp VFX.

Past Projects

  • Passion Flix Feature E.P. Tosca Musk

    • Resisting Roots (Additional Editor)

  • Netflix Episodic 

    • Brothers Sun 

  • CW WB Pilot 

    • The Winchesters

  • Netflix WB Episodic - E.P. Martin Gero 

    •  Keep Breathing 

  • Netflix Episodic - 21 Laps dir. Peter Ramsy

    • Lost Ollie (Additional Editor)

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