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Virtual Production

As we look ahead, the landscape of film production is undergoing rapid and transformative changes. In anticipation of this dynamic shift, I have proactively adapted my skill set by immersing myself in the utilization of Unreal Engine v5 on a Alienware PC. To further enhance my proficiency, I have successfully completed two comprehensive CGPro training classes. The first focused on the creation of immersive environments within Unreal Engine, while the second delved specifically into the technical aspects behind the creation of virtual walls.

Presently, my specialization lies in leveraging the power of the Sequencer tool within Unreal Engine v5 to craft captivating camera visuals. I then seamlessly export these visuals into DaVinci for meticulous editing. I am particularly fascinated by the realm of future cinematics and remain deeply committed to honing my skills in this cutting-edge technology. My ultimate aspiration is to assume the role of a Virtual Production Supervisor, contributing my expertise to on-set work. In this regard, I am particularly drawn to the opportunities available within the expansive volumes at Amazon and Sony in Culver City, as their location proximity to my apartment offers a distinct advantage.

At present, I am actively engaged in shooting short films utilizing an LED wall. I have curated shot lists and temporary storyboards, which can be viewed below. I firmly believe that given the resources and access to an LED wall, my creative capabilities will thrive, making significant contributions to the growth of the Virtual Production community in unprecedented ways.

With my dedication, technical prowess, and visionary approach, I am poised to be at the forefront of the evolving film production landscape, driving innovation and pushing boundaries in the realm of Virtual Production. I look forward to any exposure experiences I can be afforded in this realm.

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